Who We Are

We, apart from celiac/gluten intolerant, are some dedicated professionals who have joined hands together to create a global platform for the welfare of celiac community.

In this era of globalization, we cannot stay confined to our homes all the time. We have to step out of our homes at some or other point of time for study, job or just for leisure. It is quite good for the most, but for a celiac/gluten intolerant the story is entirely different. We are also amongst one of you, always looking for gluten free food for ourselves or for our family members. In the city we live, things are manageable up to some extent but whenever we have to visit a new place things are pretty hard.

No. of gluten free food hubs & hotels are not enough to cater the needs of growing no. of celiac/gluten intolerant population. With all this in mind, an idea came that the best person who can provide gluten free food are we ourselves. As the prevalence of celiac disease is very high it is a fair possibility that gluten free food we need while away from home is being made by someone amongst us in the proximity. We are the best person to cook and share gluten free food. Likewise there is a big problem while opting for higher studies, better jobs or business opportunities. Again there is a fair possibility that many persons providing home stay/paying guest facility themselves have someone celiac/gluten intolerant person in their homes or we may think to provide the same for the sake of our fellow celiac.

For this we have to support each other rather than expecting from others, as it is very difficult to make someone understand the gravity of the celiac disease and the need of ours. We are the ready-made work force that can support each other to give a fight to this condition. We can give wings to the dreams of our fellow celiac by becoming "Feed a Celiac Buddy" where members can offer/avail gluten free food & home stay/PG on mutually agreed price to/from other members in need.

At a new place we guys always keep looking for a food hubs, hotels, vendors or retailers offering gluten free food and many times we barely find any & have to be dependent upon the packed food carried along-with.

Moreover there is always a high possibility of cross-contamination in the restaurants, so choosing a right one is also a big challenge. For this we will take ratings and reviews from fellow celiac/gluten intolerant persons and share it with you along with their location on Google maps.

Feed a celiac is a social initiative to build a global platform to facilitate the availability of food as well as accommodation to celiac/gluten intolerant persons while away from home.

We urge you to join hands to support & contribute for this social cause that can enable celiac/gluten intolerant persons to chase their dreams.

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